Last month we were voted #1 on Product Hunt.

That alone was incredibly exciting.

Now we've learned that we've been voted one of the Top 20 Productivity Tools of 2020.

We were included in the Productivity category of Product Hunt's Golden Kitty Awards - a showing of the best products to launch on Product Hunt over the past year.

It's more confirmation for our team that we're building something that is really helping people.

The awards give some public credibility and validation, but for us the true motivation comes from hearing our users tell us how Lavender helps them write better emails, faster. They tell us how Lavender increases their opens and replies everyday.

Getting an open and getting a reply is the first step in getting a meeting and getting a sale.

For salespeople, it's how they put food on their table.

And for us, that's the real motivation.

Thank you for the support!

Lavender is a browser extension that helps users write better emails, faster. Learn more at or install for free.