Lavender's mission is to help you send better emails, faster.

Part of the moving the ball forward along the faster axis is continued development of our backend artificial intelligence, CATIE.

CATIE, which stands for Cognitive Algorithms for Text and Image Enhancement, was originally introduced in November 2020 when we released the "Sentence Suggestions" feature.

In its first version, CATIE could recommend more confident and more concise sentences. (Confidence and Conciseness are two of the biggest problems email senders have, according to our internal data.)

Now, CATIE can write entire emails from just a few simple instructions.

CATIE announcing CATIE

CATIE is now even more connected with the rest of Lavender's features, meaning it is learning about what makes you a more effective emailer.

We are doing a lot of work to make CATIE even more intelligent, so we aren't fully releasing it just yet.

For those of you who like experimental technology and like to be early adopters, we are allowing a small number Lavender users early access.

To request access, join the Lavender Labs waitlist.

First invites are reserved for users on our paid Lavender Unlimited and Lavender Team plans.

Over the next several months we will announce more advancements to CATIE, and hope to have it live to all Lavender Unlimited and Lavender Team users later this year.

CATIE Pitching Investors

Want early access to CATIE and other experimental features? Join the waitlist.

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