It's pretty wild.

Less than a year ago we had the initial idea for what is now Lavender

Now, we're #1 on Product Hunt.

#1 on Product Hunt!

Originally we thought we could build a simple sidebar in Gmail to help people who lost their jobs due to COVID.

We thought our technology would help them write better emails to recruiters and employers.

At the time, we didn't know how far Lavender would take us.

We didn't know how much salespeople would come to love it. It helps them get more replies and book more meetings.

We didn't know how many AI features we'd end up building. Lavender's internal engine is outperforming some of the leading AI companies in benchmarks.

So it was incredibly exciting for our team to see all of this work over the past several months culminates in being voted #1 on Product Hunt.

(Not without mishaps. One computer was lost forever in the making of this video.)

Lavender's Product Hunt Video

We were blown away by the amount of love our users showed for us on launch day.

We were nervous. We didn't sleep the night before. We launched at 12am PST.

We asked our users for help, but we weren't sure if they would vote for us.

They had to create a Product Hunt account, go vote, leave comments, etc.

It sounded like a lot of work to help a small team like us.

We were soooo wrong. Our users came out in droves to support us.

Tom left a review on Product Hunt
Christopher left a review on Product hunt
Brooklin left a review on Product Hunt
Amy left a review on Product Hunt

And so many more users left #LavenderLove, even some using it for things other than emails:

Isaiah left a review on Product Hunt

Hearing our users say something we built has become one of their "very favorite things", "a must", "really amazing", "incredible", and that people "could not write an email without it" was a truly humbling and motivating experience for our team.

Here's to more listening and building for our users in 2021.

Thank you everyone for the continued support.

Lavender is a browser extension that helps users write better emails, faster. Learn more at or install for free.