Today marks Lavender's biggest step forward in becoming your always-on personal email assistant since we launched 10 Features in 10 Days last Fall.

We have a number of updates going live to all users that make it faster and easier to write high-converting and impactful sales emails that double reply rates.

We've categorized these updates into two releases: Next Best Action and Precision + Effectiveness.

Next Best Action

Lavender's New Next Best Action Updates

Lavender users know that sending "A" rated emails increase their chance of getting replies by 200%.

Still, they don't always know exactly what needs to be done to make the email an A.

Or how far away they are from getting an A – is their email a B+ or a B-?

They could be 1 point away of 10 points away. Big difference.

The new "Next Best Action" update combines three changes:

1) We have updated our scoring to optimize for precision. In addition to knowing your email grade ("B") you'll now also see your email score ("89") so you'll know exactly how far away you are from getting an A.

2) We show you exactly which problems are having the biggest impact on your score, and how much fixing them will improve your score. This way you know the precise next-best-action to take to optimize your email. For example, if your email is an 88 and you can gain 3 points by shortening your subject then you can easily make your email a 92 A.

3) We've introduced our new Lavender Alerts system. As you write Lavender will alert you of issues detected (like a misspelled name) or opportunities to improve (like researching your recipient). This happens seamlessly as you write.

Precision and Effectiveness Toolkit

Lavender's New Precision and Effectiveness Toolkit

Lavender's new Precision and Effectiveness Toolkit helps you prevent weak writing.

Starting with our new always-on spelling and grammar check, Lavender now more deeply analyzes your email for things that reduce your chance of positive reply.

Things like misspelling your prospects name, or suggesting the wrong date (today is Friday the 21st, not the 22nd).

Plus Lavender now flags and filters things that weaken your message like Fluff, Buzzwords and Phrases, Hedge Words, and Adverbs.

Our new I:YOU ratio helps to ensure you're talking about your prospect and not yourself. If you've read Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People, then you know how important this is to building instant rapport with your prospect.

We've also made some changes to the way we display Writing Time and Reading Time. If you spend too long writing your email the color will change: it's a gentle nudge to hit send and move on.

Likewise if your email takes too long to read (our data shows 14 seconds or less is optimal), the reading timer color will change to alert you need to reduce the length of your email.

Finally, we've added a new horizontal version of the Email Assistant. Just click the new button next to "X".

If you tend to be working on multiple emails at once this can be very useful.

The Horizontal Assistant is designed specifically to nestle above a compose window in Gmail.

This is just the beginning and we have much more coming soon, like our AI that writes emails and our new TLDR email summarizer (available now to users on the Lavender Labs early access waitlist

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