If you've been following along, over the past 11 days we've released a new feature daily. We called it 10 in 10 but we ended up releasing 11 features in 11 days.

At Lavender, we are building the future of email.

2021 will mark the 50th anniversary of the first email being sent. Yet, when was the last time you saw true innovation in email?

Email is a part of our daily lives.

It’s the official medium of doing business, yet it hasn't seen innovation. The last time email saw an upgrade was in the early 2000’s with the launch of Gmail.

Our goal is to modernize email for the current culture, and make it pleasant and easy to use. We're building useful tools that make the day-to-day experience of sending and receiving emails better for both the sender and recipient.

We started on Gmail, but our 10th announcement was that Lavender now works on Outlook 365. Here's a recap of what we launched and how we think they reimagine the status quo of email.

These 11 features are the building blocks to that future. They spanned 11 days, but they fall under three main categories where we see email technology advancing.

  1. Modern Content (GIFs and Mobile Preview)
  2. User+Reader Centric Design (Company Insights, Open Awareness, Writing Timer, Reading Time, Email Verification)
  3. Ambient Computing. (CATIE, Hover Analysis, Spam detection)

Modern Content

The way we consume content has changed. Email needs to keep up!

People are on the go. As we engage with richer, more visual, forms of communication, email has lagged behind. With GIFs and Mobile Preview, Lavender is introducing new building blocks for how readers engage with modern content.


Easily add GIFs into your email. Lavender's computer vision models will detect the sentiment of the GIF and calculate how it impacts the tone, sentiment, and formality of your email.

Mobile Preview

It's a common experience: you write an important email then you send it to yourself to see how it looks on your phone. Rinse and repeat until it's perfect.

We made it simple. We put Mobile Preview right in the inbox.

User + Reader Centric Design

Email design can’t be contained to what is best for the sender. It also needs to be considerate of the recipient.

When we think of what to add, and how to add it, we must be empathetic to what is best for the reader.

Company Data

Lavender already shows you useful social insights on the people you email. Now we take it one step further and show insights and data on the company they work for.

Our goal is to make it super simple and quick to research your prospect and send a personalized email without ever leaving your inbox.

Open Awareness

Open Awareness. It's like open tracking, but more empathetic to the reader. Lavender calculates your recipients local time so you know if it's appropriate to follow up with them, or if it's outside of business hours.

It shows you the device they last opened the email on so you know if it's better to call them or email them.

Writing Timer

In order to crush your sales quota you have to hit your daily numbers. This could be # of calls or emails per day.

Sometimes we spend too much time on a single email when in reality it's better to hit send and continue prospecting.

We made it simple to keep track of how much time you're spending on each email you write by introducing Writing Time.

Reading Time

Likewise, your reader likely has their own daily objectives. If they see a long email they'll probably ignore it and "save it for later". But they may never return to it.

The best emails take under 1 minute to read.

That's why we built Reading Time. We calculate how long it will take your recipient to read your email based on average reading speed, so you know if it's likely to be read or saved for later.

Email Verification

Getting an email bounce is never a fun experience. But if you're in sales, you know the experience of trying to guess a prospects email.

We make it easier by adding automatic email address verification right in Lavender. Lavender will now check to see if the email address is valid, and if you click on it you can see all of the social media insights attached to it.

Now it's easier than ever to prevent bounces and guess email addresses.

Ambient Computing

Popularized by Google, Ambient Computing gets at the heart of AIs future.

The idea that technology can passively analyze what's going on and work for you is compelling. With the launch of our AI, CATIE, we will be writing our definition of how smart a digital assistant can truly be.


CATIE is the brains behind the Lavender email assistant.

It's the acronym we use internally to refer to our language and image AI. It stands for Cognitive Algorithms for Text and Image Enhancement.

Now CATIE is taking center stage as your email helper. She will suggest new sentences that will quickly improve your email.

Is your email too long? Let CATIE make it concise.

Is your email unsure? Let CATIE make it confident.

Hover Analysis

Now Lavender will passively analyze your email as you write it and highlight what you're doing well, and what you can improve upon.

Easily see what needs work and what sentences are having the biggest impact on your email score.

Deliverability Check

Your email can't be effective if it's never read.

It's far too common that sales emails end up in spam.

We want to help prevent that.

Lavender will now run a language analysis on you email to detect if it's likely to be caught by a spam filter of if it's safe to send.

We call it Deliverability Check.

With the launch of these 10 new features + Outlook, we are moving closer to our vision of Lavender being an ecosystem of tools to help the modern professional efficiently send effective and thoughtful emails.


Lavender is a browser extension that helps users write better emails, faster. Learn more at www.trylavender.com or install for free.