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Millennial Sales Podcast - Write Better Emails with Will Allred

Lavender's co-founder, Will Allred, talks with Gong's Tom Alaimo about how to write better sales emails.

Open, Read, Reply - SaaS Cadences with Aspireship

Lavender + Aspireship teach you how to write winning sales cadences that get replies and book meetings.

Write Emails That Get Replies with KettleSpace

Lavender's co-founder, Will Allred, showcases the differences between good and bad emails with KettleSpace, creators of hybrid workplace solutions.

WTF is Wrong With Your B2B Sales Emails with PandaDoc

Lavender + PandaDoc chat about how to write B2B emails that get replies, not deletes.

How Much Email Automation is Too Much with Scott Leese

Lavender's co-founder, Will Allred, joins Scott Leese on the Surf & Sales Podcast to discuss how to approach automation in sales emails.
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